Krista Goode and the Goode Community

A Sisterhood like No Other

The Goode Community, led by Krista Goode, brings passionate and determined women together who have a greater mission to connect, support, and serve the community and members around them.

We connect positive, active women in a deeper way by forming genuine relationships that enhance connection and create opportunities personally and professionally.

We believe that a Goode life is based on a Goode feeling. When we’re able to fill our own cups with Goode, we spread Goodeness to those around us and are able to truly live a Goode life!

The Goode Community is for Women Who Are…

  • Looking for a positive, Goode vibe community full of friendship
  • Ready to fill up their cup with positivity, support, and encouragement
  • Seeking genuine connection and mentorship to grow with Goode Ideas from successful women in our Goode Community
  • Involved in an active lifestyle and have a desire to give back
  • Ready to celebrate their large and small successes with a champagne toast… cheers!

Create Goode Connections

Are you ready to connect in a better way? By becoming a member of the Goode Community you’ll be a part of a community that focuses on the goode in everything you do.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Krista cares wholeheartedly about whoever she is with. I want to be near her just to soak up her energy. She invites you into the “Goode” life just being near her.

Krista Goode Testimonials

~Leith McHugh

Welcome to the Goode Community!

The Goode Community Membership Opportunities.

Goode Ideas

$50 Per Month

Elevate your membership to include everything in the Goode Connections and Goode Moment’s membership. Become inspired and connected through access to the entire Goode Community, including masterminds, events, and more with the Goode Ideas membership option.

This membership includes:

  • Monthly Goode Mail delivered to you! (Package arriving every month)
  • The Goode Mail includes monthly inspiration and tips from yours truly, Krista, plus from our featured Goode Partner!
  • Monthly Goode Ideas: Zoom mastermind meetings
  • Connect with successful individuals who are ready to grow in life and business.
  • Goode Deals: Steeper discounts on merchandise and events

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Our Goode Partners

Focusing on Goode Connections to further your Goode life!

Each month we partner with a professional woman within our community who has experience in their field and is ready to offer their tips, expertise, and value to our members.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Krista is a vibrant speaker who provides clarity to what it means to work hard, play hard. She was inspiring and encouraging. I had never heard the stats on the effects of celebrating success in the way she shared. The worksheet she provided in the workbook gave me an opportunity to reevaluate my financial and personal goals. I can see why she is developing a community to encourage others to live The Goode Life and I want in!

Krista Goode Testimonials

~Dawn Ramsden

Give Back

Be the Goode.

The Goode Community’s mission is to support the community around us. We believe that our community creates an opportunity for women to fill their cup and gain the support they need so they do Goode in the community. We do Goode throughout the year by hosting and sponsoring events for the benefit of others.

Join Us

Upcoming events for the Goode Community Members.

Virtual Happy Hour

Open to all Goode Community Members.

Tuesdays at 5pm MST (via Zoom) on the 4th Tuesday of every month.

Open format to further our connections while celebrating our successes! Bring your favorite beverage to cheer each other on… you know Krista’s going to have champagne!

Golf Tournament

August 9th, 2021
Location: Colorado Springs Country Club
More details to come!

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Krista Goode

Krista Goode, The Good Life

The Heart Behind the Goode Community

Anyone who knows the founder of the Goode Community, Krista Goode, knows that her positive light is radiant and her Goode heart is contagious.

Krista’s family is at the core of everything she does. She was blessed to grow up in a goode home with a very supportive family. She understands that not everyone has that.

Her heart goes out to others. She aims to give back some of the blessings she’s had in her life. If she can help others feel goode about their lives, even in the smallest way, that’s what the Goode Community is all about.

We can’t wait to meet you!

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