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Krista believes…

that financial independence is the key to helping people live The Goode Life in order to create joy in their lifetime for future generations while making an impact on their community and world.

Krista’s passion lies in bringing the Goode Life to you so that you can have the lifestyle that you always wanted no matter

what the financial world has in store.

She does this by putting together tailored solutions for you, your family, and your business so that you can progress through the ups and downs of life while having successful financial outlooks, elevating you to all your goals and financial success.

The Goode Life

Financial independence is how one can create the Goode Life, but Krista believes that the following foundational principles are how to live the Goode Life.

Activities, golf, football, snowboarding, being with friends, celebrating, fun, energetic, fitness, freedom
Inquisitive, community, volunteering giving back, scholarships, network
Legacy, love, helpful, supportive
Dedication, commitment, devotion, reliable, organized, follow-through

Krista’s Connections

  • Colorado Springs Country Club
  • eWomen Network
  • eWomen Foundation
  • eWomenNetwork PLATINUM
  • Lake Stevens Vikings
  • University of Idaho

Meet Krista

Krista Goode, also known as your relational, G.O.A.L.*-focused Financial Advisor, brings life to your finances. Being a financial advisor is what Krista does, being a strong community advocate and helping others to live the Goode Life is who she is.

*(Growth, Organization, Action, Longevity)

Krista grew up with business-oriented bones. Her grandpa was a real estate agent, her dad owned a construction company, her mother owned a floral shop, and Krista herself previously owned a brick and mortar business. To say she loves and knows business is an understatement.

Today, Krista’s focus is to bring The Goode Life to you! Krista creates relationships with her clients, understands their purpose, passion, and life goals. She creates a customized plan for you so you can have the lifestyle you’ve always wanted no matter what the financial world has in store.

Krista Goode, The Good Life

Krista’s Credentials:

  • AAMS ® Accredited Asset Management Specialist
  • Series 7 General Securities
  • Series 66 Combined State Law
  • Life & Health Insurance

True Believer In:

  • Family over everything
  • All Goode days start with coffee
  • Santa Claus
  • Champagne toasts
  • Frosted Flakes are a pantry must
  • Wearing blue and green on Fridays – Go Seahawks!
  • Talking about your finances with someone can be like walking into a room naked. You feel exposed and vulnerable. But with Krista, you will be heard! She has absolute discretion and makes you feel comfortable & at ease! She truly cares about you and your individual needs, not the corporate bottom line! ~Jennifer Nelson
    You will be heard!
    Real Estate Professional, RE/MAX Properties
  • Krista Goode Testimonials
    I’ve been blessed to attend a couple of Krista's financial informational meetings and breakfast at Mimi’s café. That experience opened my eyes to how brilliant and knowledgeable Krista is as a financial advisor! She also has connections to top experts in the financial arena. She’s particularly helped me with advice about preparing for college for my child. Krista is also so much fun and supportive of the community! She gives back through her community effort to help kids with school supplies. She’s an avid golfer and Seahawks fan! She’s a generous and super fun women entrepreneur! Go Get-um Girl!
    Susan Gossner
    Wine Shop At Home
  • Krista Goode Testimonials
    Krista is AMAZING! She makes my life super easy! I let her know what kinds of companies I am interested in and in the mornings she sends me options/suggestions to pick from and slowly but intentionally my investment portfolio is growing! I love knowing that she is looking out for me, my family, and our best interests when it comes to how we are investing in our future. I highly recommend working with Krista!!
    Phoenix Sagen
    Owner, MyTravel4Ever Travel Agency & CEO of Business by Design Online
  • Krista Goode Testimonials
    Rarely had I taken any action with my finances, but due to some personal and professional changes in my life, I reached out to Krista. As a personal friend whom I enjoy, I found her to be just as kind, energetic, and thoughtful as my financial advisor. Krista is extremely knowledgeable and most importantly, she listened to all my concerns and hopes for my financial future. She has given me both the knowledge and the confidence I was seeking to feel comfortable and truly excited about my finances. She walked me through many changes and did it with professionalism and understanding. Krista seeks to not only educate me but to always stay diligent about my investments offering her advice and expertise. I am truly grateful for her guidance and friendship.
    Meg Fredrick
    Retired Educator, Co-Founder of The Mindfulness and Positivity Project
  • Lisa Olsson
    After watching Krista in action at networking events and through social media, I saw her as a hard-working go-getter that I knew I had to get to know better! Over time our relationship grew to friendship. We now have fun on the slopes and the golf course and she's someone I enjoy being around! Her passion and excitement for life carry over to her work. We recently switched our accounts to Krista because I know she is someone we can trust, she has our best interests at heart and she shares our similar values! Krista is an extraordinary woman everyone should get to know. She is an asset to our community and will be to you as a friend and as a trusted advisor.
    Lisa Olsson
    Owner/Personal Trainer - Olsson Fitness Regional Vice President and Independent Consultant - Arbonne International
  • Krista Goode Testimonials
    Krista is a delightful human! She has such a light, easy, joyful, and playful spirit about her. Being around her is like being invited into sunshine. She is wise, smart and has a good intuition and sense of what’s going on around her. Krista cares wholeheartedly about whoever she is with. I want to be near her just to soak up her energy. She invites you into the “Goode” life just being near her.
    Leith McHugh
  • Krista Goode Testimonials
    I have worked with Krista for years and she never ceases to amaze me about what a wonderful person she is. Krista is an excellent financial planner. Her abilities have helped many of my clients to become financially secure and allowed them to achieve the American Dream of owning a home as well as other financial goals. I would never hesitate in recommending Krista as a financial planner.
    Kim Rogers
    Senior Mortgage Banker, Community Banks Mortgage
  • Krista Goode Testimonials
    Krista Goode is a bundle of sunshine and positive energy! Through golf and business, she has added nothing but positivity to my life and those around her. Everywhere she goes and whatever she becomes a part of is better because of Krista. After five summers of golf with her and almost as many of business, I can't imagine being without her infectious smile and laugh bringing all the joy they do.
    Julie Miller Davis
    CEO/Founder JMD Productivity Training
  • Krista Goode Testimonials
    I have worked together with Krista on a leadership team for business women for over a year. What impresses me about Krista is how organized, logical and strategic she is. She keeps us focused, is open-minded, and is a great listener. Her enthusiasm is contagious, it is a joy to work with this amazing and bright professional!
    Betsy Clark

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